Roulette Game History

Roulette's history dates back to the ancient eras of China and Rome. It has evolved from various forms of wheel-based games enjoyed in these countries and has eventually been bestowed by the current term "Roulette" by the French. In French this term means a "little wheel". The term "Roulette" as well as its invention is also believed to have been made by Blaise Pascal a renowned French mathematician of the 17th century. Its invention was based on the theme of creating a game that included betting and slots where things could land. The term

"Roulette" which signifies a little wheel, is absolutely appropriate as it includes a little wheel on which the game is played.

Roulette enjoyed success across Europe, however its popularity reached new heights when it arrived in Germany and was introduced in Monaco. Its success skyrocketed and a new Roulette gaming empire was created in Monte Carlo. Two French Brothers Francois and Louis Blanc are famously credited for their contribution towards modern Roulette. In the year 1842, the brother duo developed the first wheel that consisted of a single zero for the then King of Monaco, King Charles III.

The brothers suggested that the addition of a zero reduced the chances of the casino from losing and therefore gave any casino a good house edge. Unfortunately, their skills soon became obsolete as gambling was banned across Germany. This ultimately left the brothers without any work. However, King Charles in order to remedy his financially ailing empire sought to legalize casinos and this proved to be a financial remedy for the Kingdom. Wheels developed by Blanc brothers were used in these casinos. Eventually, Monte Carlo evolved as a symbol of these roulettes and it has made its mark on Roulette history.

Roulette in Atlantic City

Roulette wheel went through many changes once it arrived in America. An additional zero had been added to the wheel, doubling the edge of the casinos in America as opposed to the ones in Europe. Soon it flourished in this Atlantic City as people were willing to spend more money during the gold rush. Even until today Europe is best known as the originator of single "0" roulette wheels and America is best known for having the variation Roulette wheel of double zeros. Obviously, roulette is still very popular within Europe due the presence of the single zero as opposed to the American wheel of double zeros.

To increase the popularity of this game, casinos started creating online roulettes which could be enjoyed by anyone with an internet. Roulette enjoyed a similar success and popularity in the online casinos as it did in real life.