List of the Most Popular Roulette Myths

Roulette is a sort of those games, which attract attention of many gamblers. Most roulette fans study the rules of the game, winning strategies and tools, follow every tip but fail to hit winning. Roulette gamblers waste their time and money playing free roulette or getting roulette sign up bonus register in one of numerous virtual casinos. However, just few of roulette players realize that there are a lot of myths about this game, which turned into advice.

List of the Most Widespread Roulette Myths

A lot of players enter online casinos and immediately register to get an roulette sign up bonus. However, in most virtual casinos there are limits for wagering. So, players should be careful and check if the wagering requirements respond their expectations.

Another widespread roulette myth is that all tables are the same. It is not so, because there are as minimum 2 types of wheel: European and American. Each of them has its own pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before making bets. The American roulette is not so favorable for players, because its house is 5.25% while the European roulette has house edge of 2.70%.

Many believe that each roulette spin is not random. It is not truth that the previous spin has influence on the next one. Some strategies claim that if the ball has landed the same color several times it is likely it will stop on a slot of another color. In fact the odds are 50%:50%.

In the internet there can be found a lot of winning strategies, which promise definite winning. It is not worth trusting, as most of them can only slightly increase the winning potential.

Biased wheels seem to be myths as well nowadays. In the history of gambling there are bright examples of winning at biased roulette, but now it is impossible because there are no such wheels left. The casinos look after all roulette tables are of ideal form and if there are doubts, the wheel is sent for checking.