The Fluctuation of Roulette Odds Rate

Roulette has definitively won the competition among gambling games and took the first place in casinos. Despite the fact that roulette's probabilities were studied by many famous people, the nature of the game is unpredictable and random. Bernard Show said: "The roulette wheels pay nobody except casinos that keep them. However, a passion for gambling is common, a passion for going on roulette wheels is unknown." Fortunately, now there are possibilities to play roulette and save your money by choosing the table with the highest odds.

What Factors do influence the Roulette Odds?

The key criterion in selection of roulette wheel is the "zero" pocket. Modern gambling world offers to play single zero roulette, double zeros and no zero wheels. All of these wheels have their own merits and demerits that mould roulette probability.

Type of Roulette

Most winning strategies propose to play single zero roulette, which is known as European and originates from the country of the old world - France. It possesses 36 slots numbered from 1 to 36 and a pocket with a "zero". It is the fact that the zero slot represents the house edge, which is no higher than 2.7% in European roulette. One more distinctive feature of the wheel is the random allocation of numbers that compounds the understanding of the game.

American roulette is an adapted version of European edition that appeared later in the USA. Its characteristic feature is an extra "00" slot, which crucially enhances the house edge to 5.26%. This influences the chances to win negatively and most professional gamblers recommend avoiding such tables. The behoof of American roulette is its numbers are placed in pairs on the wheel, so it facilitates the perception of the game.

There are even more roulette games, like French or no zero wheels. They are not so common as European and American roulette but some gambling gurus consider them to have their amenities.

Type of Bet

One of the most fascinating peculiarities in the roulette game is a multiple spectrum of possible bets. The payouts in both American and European roulettes are of the same amount, but the odds are diverse. The easiest bet with the highest payout 35:1 but of lowest odds is a single number. The odds in European and American roulettes are respectively 36:1 and 37:1. The worst bet is called "sucked numbers" among gamblers and includes 5 numbers. The house edge of this bet reaches the highest rate of 7.89% that exceeds normal level very much.

Foolproof bets are low or high, even or odd, black or red numbers that protect gamblers from big losing. However, the odds of this type of betting are 1:1. Outside bets are widely recommended by winning strategies.