Ockar's Grind

This strategy was originated in 1950s by a gambler called "Oscar". However, it only gained prominence in 1960s when a writer by the name of Allan Wilson, presented a documentation of his conversation with the maker of the strategy himself, "Oscar". The main focus of this system is to make a modest profit from the game.

Summarized "Oscars Grind" Strategy

Although, some people might profess it as exciting and thrilling, I would like to differ from this belief. "Oscar Grind" is not as adventurous in its real life application as one may assume it to be. It is quite suitable for a game of Roulette or craps, which involve some particular sequence. "Oscar Grind" is also not ideal for winning big in any game, but it would give you reasonable returns only.

The entire strategy is dependent on the sequence inherent in the aforementioned games. Every single sequence is meant to give the player a certain amount of profit; the amount does not increase or decrease. Once the player wins that amount the game is over. For instance, if you bet on one unit and if you win that, then the game is over and you are required to start all over again. Conversely, if you lose that bet, then you are required to repeat the same amount again. If you win this time then you win an additional unit. You must continue with the progressive sequence until you have won all your profits.

The table below gives an example of how the outcomes are affected with each progressive bet:

Players often see this strategy as a bit too rigid for its application in various casino games. Be sure to fix a limit for you games and stick to that limit.