Roulette Statistics

Predicting the outcomes of roulette does not necessarily mean that you will be the winner every single time. The roulette probability calculator merely represents the number that is going to appear and gives a brief calculation of the probabilities.

Variations of the Software

This software is available in two different versions; a free version or a gold version. Both of them are simple to install and they work in a similar pattern as well. None of them have any pop-ups or other annoying advertisements which aim to induce the user to buy something.

Installation and use of the Program

Once you install this program you will be greeted by an interface that states different options which you can use. It generally shows roulette table, your spin history, quick statistics as well as the pot that contains your chips. Besides these, you will also see a control panel that contains other options for the user.

Record of the Roulette Spins

The procedure of recording the outcomes of your roulette wheel in an online casino is quite simple. A roulette table contains all the outcomes of the wheel and all you have to do to record them, is to simply left-click on the roulette table. Mistakes remove the particular entry from the table. Once the entry is made, you are shown the next bet for the game.

Display Area for the Statistics

Viewing the statistics is a relatively simple process that only requires you to click the right side of your mouse, immediately you will be shown your win/loss record as well as your streak statistics. For instance, if you are willing to check the red statistics then all you have to do is click on that particular bet and you will be able to see the record.

The Display Window

To give you detailed information regarding the bets, a separate window appears. The window gives you the option of choosing the particular bet for which you wish to see the details. The free version of the software allows players to see the French, neighbor and other custom bets. The gold version, however allows you to check your statistics for double bets of 20, 24, or 28.

Display of the Statistics

The statistical information is displayed in three formats; graphical, color-based or in a tabulated form. They display win/loss and winning or losing streak data.