Double Street

What is "Double Street Strategy"?

This is a popular gambling strategy used by players when they bet on a particular number, any quad or 2 double streets during each spin. Double Street strategy can be used on seventeen numbers of a roulette wheel.

How to use it?

This game requires the player to use 6 chips, 1 on the number, and 1 on a corner bet as well as 2 on 2 double streets. Prior to picking any number, be sure that it's free from any bets that you might have placed. The payout rates vary and range from 1- 35 for a straight number.

If you win then you become 30 chips richer, as your 5 chips betted on other numbers will be lost. The quad's payout ranges between 8 and 1, whereas the payouts for the streets vary between 5 and 1.