Our main aim behind the creation of this page is to help gamblers know more about the Martingale strategy and how they can use it for their benefit in the casino, more specifically in the game of Roulette.

Some common issues arising in the player's mind has been elaborated below.


This strategy works best with those games that require even bets; such as roulette, blackjack or sometimes craps. Martingale strategy requires you to change the amount that you bet based on the outcomes of the last bet.

How to Use

Although, you might be discouraged by a few gambling writers from using this strategy, we won't do so. This strategy focuses on the negative expectations, but nonetheless it can be used in a game of Roulette. However, its application does not increase your chance of winning.


There certainly is. It usually allows you to win a couple of times before you ultimately lose. Therefore, refrain from believing that this strategy will do you any good in terms of increasing your chance of winning.